Story Inspiration, #3 – Sexy Blonde

Hello, followers!

Apparently I’ve offended someone with my blog visuals.

I write incestuous erotica.

I love looking at beautiful people of all genders.

I’ve never been shy about sex a day in my life.

Of course I’m going to share what I love. So with that being said, if you don’t like those things I won’t be bothered in the least if you unfollow me here and on social media. Honestly, I don’t want to offend anyone. You should just be aware of what I write and what I share.

Most of my photos and videos are story inspirations, like the one in this post. Look at her. Enough said, right? 😉 She’ll be in an upcoming Punished by Daddy story. I’m about halfway done with it. I’m undecided if it’ll be a full-on incest story or a step relationship. Time will tell on that. Either way, she’ll be playing with her Daddy, brother, and probably a few others, including a female or two.

Also, I’m working on the glitch that has the same posts sending to followers more than once. I swear I’m not trying to spam you guys. I’ve just not had a whole lot of time to try to fix whatever the problem is.

I have a few stories good to go as far as being published.My editor did her amazing magic, so now I just need to skim over them a couple of times before hitting publish. If I’ve promised you review copies recently and haven’t followed through, I’ll get that taken care of ASAP. I work a lot so sometimes things slip my mind.

I hope you’re all having a kick ass summer so far. Mine has been spent mostly on planes or in boardrooms but that’s okay. When I am able to take time off I make the most of it.


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