Morgan’s Family Secrets (Incest Erotica)

Book Cover: Morgan's Family Secrets (Incest Erotica)

Morgan was a typical college student. She was close to her parents and brothers and had always been somewhat of a good girl. The good girl image disappeared when the owner of a strip club approached her during her freshman year. At eighteen, she was too young to work in his establishment, but he liked what he saw and was willing to take his chances. Going by the stage name Skye, Morgan quickly became popular with the customers and had no problem getting naked with them outside of the club if the price was right.

A year later she's hired for a private date by a mystery man. When she arrives at his hotel room, she gets the shock of her young life when that mystery man turns out to be her father. After being assured that she isn't in trouble, Morgan gets to see her daddy in a whole new light. After getting a taste of his baby girl, he knows she'll be the perfect woman to take the virginity of her younger twin brothers. Getting naked with her dad is one thing, but her little brothers? When their mother makes a surprise visit in the middle of it, Morgan and the twins learn some things about their family that shocks them to the core.

Morgan's Family Secrets is incest erotica. There are sexual situations between parents and their biological children, as well as sexual situations between biological siblings. If you're turned off or offended by this in any way, don't download this book. 

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Publisher: Naughty Kels Publishing

“My baby girl,” I heard him moan around my tit. “So responsive to your daddy’s touch.”

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