I’m Kelsy Kasey.

No, that is not my real name.

If you ask what my real name is I’m going to ask you to send me a boob or dick pic. I still won’t tell you my real name, but I’ll have a boob or dick pic. 😉

I write stories that you probably shouldn’t be reading if someone is over your shoulder. I started writing pseudo-incest taboo stories (stepparents and step siblings hooking up) and moved on to writing full-on family incest erotica, though that’s not all I write. Think mothers and fathers and their adult children and grown biological siblings getting it on. I also write stories with dub-con and non-con situations. If you don’t know what dub-con and non-con are you probably don’t need to be reading the books.

I don’t write bestiality but I do write shifter stories where there’s often a blur between the human and animal side – usually when it comes to sex. Those haven’t been published yet. When they are, they’ll come with warnings so you’ll know what to expect.

In the real world I work in sales. I’m involved in a loving, open relationship, and I travel a lot around the U.S. and sometimes internationally. Originally from Florida, I now go back and forth between the Midwest and the Northeast.


Posted in the beginning of every single book I publish 

Leave reality at the door if you’re interested in reading this or any other Kelsy Kasey book.

Just because I write about it doesn’t mean I condone it – it’s FICTION.

I had a perfectly normal childhood.

I don’t have mommy or daddy issues.

My sex life is just fine.

I don’t write to compensate for anything.

I write because the naughty guys and girls in my head won’t shut up.

They want their stories told.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy my books!


I make no apologies for what I write. I post enough warnings in my blurbs and front pages of every single book I publish telling potential readers what to expect.

Most of my characters have sex with a lot of different people on-page, even if they’re working towards a romance with someone else. My characters sometimes cheat, they often drink to excess and/or do drugs, and they sometimes get down and dirty in ways that will likely make some of you cringe. Some of what I write are romances where a couple is actually working toward something together. Some are nothing but rough, often sexually violent, and with no romance in sight. Each one of my books has some type of story behind it, though (unless it’s tagged as romance) the sexual situations mostly take center.

Unless a tag states it’s romance, consider it to be erotica only. Some of the erotica books have minor romantic undertones but not full-on romances.

I write a lot of daddy kink. Some of the daddies are stepparents. Some are daddies in BDSM settings. Others are true, biological daddies of the characters. I also have brothers and sisters having sex, brothers and brothers doing it, and sometimes I might even throw out a mother getting involved.

I’m very sexual so be prepared to see the occasional video or pic of people have sex or playing around. I’ll be publishing my story inspirations and most of those are in the form of naked people doing very sexy things.

Know what to expect.

If you’re under 18 you don’t need to be here.

With that being said, welcome to my world.

Kelsy Kasey


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