About Kelsy

Official bio –

Kelsy is a lover of good wine, good sex, and good chocolate – and not necessarily in that order. A private person, she’s all about hiding behind her keyboard and talking dirty to people through her stories. A lover of all things taboo, Kelsy has few hard limits when it comes to her fiction. You can contact her at KelsyKasey@gmail.com, on Twitter, or KelsyKasey.com.

Other info –

Note that most of what I write would be considered taboo. Over half of my stories have been banned from Amazon because they’re bothered by certain things I write. I’m all about writing about sex, regardless of genders involved and/or the characters’ relationships with each other. Some may be step. Some may be biological. What I write on any given day depends on my mood. I’m all about having a good time in my fiction. While I don’t want to offend anybody, I write what I want to write. Every single Kelsy Kasey blurb describes in detail what the story is about, including any necessary trigger warnings.

I believe there’s a little kink inside all of us. This is a safe place for that. Just don’t sent me dick or boob pics unless you want them shared all over the place. If I want one, I’ll ask for one. Also, don’t send me unsolicited purchase links or links for your services if we’ve never interacted before. That’s the easiest way to get blocked by me.

An avid reader, I read a little bit of everything – from sci-fi, to hardcore erotica, to even clean romance if the story’s written well. I even love true crime, the occasional autobiography, and horror.

I’m a true crime junkie and can often be found bingeing one season after another of true crime shows.

With that being said, enjoy my stories. I’m always looking for folks to review my books, but I will say this… if you’re anti-anything, don’t bother contacting me. I will not be handing out copies of my books to anybody who’s not into what I write, or who doesn’t have an open mind.

It should also be noted VERY strongly how much e-book piracy angers me. I’ve had too many of my books passed around already, so any books given to readers for review will have watermarks. I’ve done that in the past and it angered people. If it’s not something you’re willing to accept, that’s fine. Just don’t ask me for a review copy.

If you click all the boxes, shoot me an email to KelsyKasey@gmail.com and we’ll talk. I have several new books coming out soon.