And I’m Back…

I’ve been offline, off-grid, and off pretty much everything for the past year or so. Hell, probably longer. Between illnesses, job changes, relationship changes, and trying to again find my place in the world, I had to walk away from publishing. I’m still writing, I doubt I’d ever be able to stop, but I’ve not really taken the time to publish anything new in a very long time. I even took my website offline for a long while. This is my brand new site with the same domain. I may have walked away from everything for a long time, but I obviously kept the domain active.

Well, I’m back now. Whether I’ll get into a routine of blogging or publishing more is up in the air right now. I do have quite a few new stories that are ready to go and will likely be published in the coming weeks. I plan to keep things as simple as I can. Real life is crazy enough.

If you’re new to my books, I’ll just say this… if you get offended by erotic stories, photos, videos, gifs, or anything really, you’re in the wrong place. A majority of what I write is taboo. Some of it’s mild, but most of it is pretty hardcore. All you have to do is check out the blurbs of some of my books and you’ll see what I mean. Only a few of my stories are allowed on Amazon, which honestly is a big pain in the ass considering some of the stuff they allow from major publishers. Even so, the most taboo of my stuff is on other sites. I do have a few books on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited.

I’ll probably continue to suck when it comes to blogging, but I will try to keep my book pages updated, including what will be upcoming. Or I may start blogging regularly. Who knows? I always have a lot to say. It’s just taking the time to say it. 😉

Note that my blog posts will be on the upper right on the homepage.