Doing Daddy’s Girl

Book Cover: Doing Daddy's Girl

I didn't even want the girl. I only pursued her because I knew my father wanted to be her first. An eighteen-year-old virgin, Lindsey knew how to play the game. Jealous of her mother, she started teasing my dad and doing everything she could to pull his attention away from his new bride.

I had other reasons for wanting to take Lindsey's innocence before my dad could. Over the years, my father got off on seeing how many of my dates he could get into his bed. It was only fitting that I take away the one thing he wanted most - his new stepdaughter. Well, the two things he wanted most. Not only did he warn me away from the girl, he also warned me away from my new stepmother, Nina. Ah, Nina. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. I may not have really wanted the girl, but I damn sure wanted the mother. Could I possibly have them both? Or would my father foil my plans before I could have either one?

Doing Daddy's Girl has sexual situations that may make some readers uncomfortable. If in doubt, don't download this book.

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Publisher: Naughty Kels Publishing

A girl's coming here just for sex?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Why not?” I leaned against my dresser and crossed my arms. “Something you need to get used to is seeing women coming in and out of here. I have an active sex life and I don't try to hide it from anybody. I never have.”

So these girls just show up long enough for you to have sex with them? Why? It sounds kind of demeaning to me.”

I uncrossed my arms and gripped my cock through my underwear. I couldn't help but smile at her shocked expression.

This is why.”



I almost laughed when she turned her head.

Come on, little sister, you act like you've never seen a dick before. Hell, it's still covered.” When she didn't respond, I raised a brow. “You have seen a dick before, right?”

Her eyes came back to mine, though it was obvious she was trying not to look below my waist.

Yes, jerk.”

Ever touched one?”

I knew I was pushing it but I was having entirely too much fun watching the girl act scandalized because I'd almost exposed myself.


No need to be embarrassed, Lindsey. I know some girls are late bloomers when it comes to sex.”

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