Giving It To His Mother

I started lusting after my best friend's mom when I was too young to even be thinking about sex. I couldn't help it really. The first time I met the woman she was in a wet string bikini that showed a lot more than it should have. As the years went by her teasing got bolder. From rubbing up against me, to even taking my hands and putting them on her body, she knew I was dying to get inside her. I wasn't the only one she teased. She also did it to her own son and any other male she was around. If she could get a reaction she played the game.

She always got a reaction.

Things changed on my eighteenth birthday when my best friend's mother turned her attention to my father. She got off on knowing that she, not his wife of two decades, was the cause of the erection he was trying to hide. Angry, her son and I devised a plan to get her back for trying to destroy my parents' marriage. The problem with that plan? It wasn't exactly legal. That didn't stop us from putting it in action. I just knew that before the night was over I'd be giving it to my best friend's mother, whether she asked for it or not.

Giving It To His Mother is an erotic short story with scenarios that may offend or trigger some readers.


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