Morgan’s Family Secrets

Morgan was a typical college student. She was close to her parents and brothers and had always been somewhat of a good girl. The good girl image disappeared when the owner of a strip club approached her during her freshman year. At eighteen, she was too young to work in his establishment, but he liked what he saw and was willing to take his chances. Going by the stage name Skye, Morgan quickly became popular with the customers and had no problem getting naked with them outside of the club if the price was right.

A year later she's hired for a private date by a mystery man. When she arrives at his hotel room, she gets the shock of her young life when that mystery man turns out to be her father. After being assured that she isn't in trouble, Morgan gets to see her daddy in a whole new light. After getting a taste of his baby girl, he knows she'll be the perfect woman to take the virginity of her younger twin brothers. Getting naked with her dad is one thing, but her little brothers? When their mother makes a surprise visit in the middle of it, Morgan and the twins learn some things about their family that shocks them to the core.

Morgan's Family Secrets is incest erotica. There are sexual situations between parents and their biological children, as well as sexual situations between biological siblings. If you're turned off or offended by this in any way, don't download this book.


“I’ll stop, Daddy. I promise,” I said as I grabbed my handbag and turned back to the door, eager to get away. “I’m sorry I let you guys down.”

Instead of allowing me to open the door, he blocked it and reached out and took my handbag and tossed it back on the table.


“Take off your coat, Morgan.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said with a small laugh.

“Why not?”

“Dad, please. I’m already embarrassed enough.”


“I said take off your coat. Now.”

“I’m not exactly dressed appropriately for a conversation with my father.”

“Now,” he repeated.


“Just do it, Morgan.”

With shaky fingers I untied the belt, allowing the coat to open a couple of inches. When I looked at my dad, he motioned for me to continue. I’d never been so embarrassed in my life. Finally, I opened it all the way and allowed it to fall to the floor, leaving me standing there in my mile-high boots, short leather skirt, and leather top that was open halfway down my chest. I heard an intake of breath when he saw me in what I called my ‘hooker’ clothes for the first time.

“Can I put it back on now?” I asked as I crossed my arms to try to cover my breasts.

“No, you can’t,” he said, his eyes on my tits. “You definitely can’t put it back on.”


“Move your hands.”

Still embarrassed, I uncrossed my arms and put them straight down my sides, trying desperately not to watch my father’s reaction to what he was seeing. Instead of acting disgusted by what his daughter was wearing, he groaned and adjusted himself. I was shocked to the core when he reached out and rubbed the back of his knuckles against my nipples through the leather of my top. My body betrayed me when they got hard at his touch.

“Such a beautiful, sexy young woman,” he whispered as he continued to rub his knuckles back and forth over my nipples. “So damn sexy.”

One of his hands moved to the zipper on my top and held still for a few seconds before slowly unzipping it all the way down. I jumped a little when he opened it all the way, allowing my boobs to fall free. He leaned down and placed his mouth on one and slowly sucked the nipple.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, shocked not just by the fact that my own dad was sucking me but by my reaction. I’d always had sensitive nipples, but this was something altogether different. He sucked it harder, the sensation going straight to my now soaking wet pussy. One of his hands slid up my stomach to the other boob and started massaging before he moved over and gave that nipple the same attention he’d given the other one.

“My baby girl,” I heard him moan around it. “So responsive to your daddy’s touch.”

I admit in that moment I was willing to spread my legs and beg him to take me. I was so damn horny just from what he was doing to my tits that I didn’t care that it was my father doing it. I wanted to get fucked so bad I was on the verge of begging.


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