She Didn’t Know It Was Her Daddy

I'm not proud of what I did but I can't say I'm ashamed either. Far from it, actually. I started noticing her in a different way when she was still pretty young. I wasn't stupid. I never would've gone near her but I admit that it did have me eager to see how she'd look a few years later. It was just curiosity, you see. I never planned on actually going near the girl. It's not like I fantasized about her before she turned eighteen. I had my share of sex partners and never had a problem finding one. Things just happened. Wrong or right, when the opportunity presented itself I allowed myself to follow through. My little head was doing all my thinking for me at the time, but again, no regrets.

Did she know it was me or did she really believe I was a stranger? And was she secretly hoping all along that I'd be the one to take her innocence?

She Didn't Know It Was Her Daddy is an erotic short story with scenarios that may offend or trigger some readers.


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