Ryan’s Secret Lovers (Taboo Lovers Erotica) – Bonus (Incest) NSFW Scene

Book Cover: Ryan's Secret Lovers (Taboo Lovers Erotica) - Bonus (Incest) NSFW Scene
Part of the Ryan's Secret Lovers series:
Part of the Taboo Lovers Erotica series:

This is a bonus scene from Ryan's Secret Lovers describing Ryan's first time having sex with a man when he was eighteen. It's a full-on incestuous sex scene. There's no step anything here, and the sexual partners are closely blood related. If this offends you, stop reading and thank you for reading Ryan's story. If you're into that kind of kink (Come on! You know you are if you've read the book this far, my fellow perverts), read on.

This scene takes place between THE END and the EPILOGUE.


Dad,” I whined when I walked into his home office and plopped down in a chair in front of his desk. “I’m dying.”

He looked at me over the document he was reading and laughed. “You’re not dying, son. I’m pretty sure your dick won’t fall off if it goes without sex for a while.”

A while?” I came back at him. “It’s been forever and my hand isn’t doing it anymore. You yourself said a few weeks ago that once a guy does it he wants it all the time.”


He put his document down and leaned back in his chair. “It’s been only two weeks, Ryan. We can’t risk being seen in the clubs right now with everything going on with your mother.”

She’s not my damn mother.”

Okay, with everything going on with Rebecca. She’s already fighting me on everything, thinking I won’t follow through on reporting her. Can you imagine what she would do if she could prove I took my underage son to a strip club and bar?”

She knew you took me to the strip club that night, Dad.”

That was different. Your being there was part of her plan, remember?”

I’m going crazy. Since all the crap with Clay, I can’t even see Abby.”

You really like the girl, huh?” he asked with a smile. Dad always liked Leah’s best friend.

I love her, and before you go on about how I’m too young to be in love with somebody, I’ll just say this… I’m going to marry that girl someday. Mark my words.”

You know, I believe you will. Honestly, I hope you do. She’s already part of the family. She’s always seemed pretty smitten with you, even when she was pretending not to be while she was dating that loser.”

I snorted. “Smitten? Old man, you’re telling your age.”

He rolled his eyes. “What do you suggest I do, Ry? I can’t take you anywhere to pick up a girl, and I damn sure can’t hire one to come here. Your mot- uh, Rebecca would find out.”


Ryan, you know we brought others into our bed. Sometimes we hired them to come here when you and Leah weren’t around, so she has the connections,” he said with a shrug. “She’d be all over that and telling people I was hiring hookers for you.”

I sat up straighter in my chair and gave him a look. “What about guys?”

What about them?”

I think we’ve already established that I’m at least bi-curious.”

You will not have your first time with a guy be a rent boy. First time with a girl, sure. Not a guy, especially if he’s going to fuck you and not the other way around. It takes a lot of trust for that. You could get hurt and I’m not going to sit back and allow it to happen.”

What if you were there, Dad?” I asked, the thought making my neglected dick take notice.


No? Just like that?”

Just like that.”

Why? After what happened that night...” I left the sentence hanging.

Which is exactly why it won’t be repeated. I took advantage of you when you were drunk. I’ve regretted it since.”

I opened my arms wide. “I’m not drunk now, Dad.”

Again, no.”

Why?” I asked again frustrated.

Because it’s wrong, son.”

You’ve always taught us to be open sexually and to not judge what people do behind closed doors. As long as both adults are consenting, what’s the big deal? It’s not like anybody other than us has to know about it.”

They will if I hire a rent boy.”

Then don’t hire a rent boy,” I said with a shrug. “It’s just sex, Dad. Isn’t that what you’ve always said? And don’t tell me you’re not in the same hard-on boat that I’m in. Unless you’ve been playing around with people in your office, I’m going to assume your dick’s hurting as bad as mine. And with all the shit going on with the dissolution of the partnership with that woman you’re trying to get un-married to, I’m going to say I’m sure you’re not getting any at work. Leah’s gone for the weekend and you’ve changed the locks and security codes so Rebecca can’t walk in on us.”

He looked at me for so long I was convinced he was going to say no again. Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, he nodded and stood up.

Upstairs. Get my shower going and get in. I’ll be there in a minute.”

In the shower?” I asked, eager to bolt upstairs and get the party started.

Yes. I’m not just going to bend you over my desk and be done with it. I’m going to make it good for you and shower sex is always the hottest.”

I wouldn’t know,” I grumbled. “I’ve never had it.”

Go before I change my mind.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I was out of his office and upstairs in record time. Walking through the bedroom that he shared with her for a decade and a half was uncomfortable. A lot of her things had been boxed up but her touches were still everywhere and likely would be for some time. I personally thought Dad should just sell the house and be done with it. He refused because it had belonged to his parents and theirs before them. It was one of the many things Rebecca was trying to get in the divorce, but it belonged to Dad long before they met. Long remodeled, he made it his own. I could see another remodel soon. He’d made it clear that he wanted no reminders of her anywhere once it was all said and done.

I shook my head and kept walking until I was in the master bathroom that was bigger than most small apartments. I didn’t stop to look at the opulence of it all. I stripped out of my clothes and tossed them on one of the countertops before turning on the shower and waiting for the water to warm up. When I was satisfied with the temperature, I stepped inside, eager for what was to come. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long because my naked dad was stepping inside with me a few minutes later, slapping a condom and bottle of lubricant on one of the shelves.

Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, looking me closely in the eye.

Yes, I want to do this,” I told him truthfully.

Turn around and put your hands against the tiles. I’ll go slow.”

I did as instructed, my face turned away from the spray. I jumped when I felt his hands on my back, rubbing bath gel all over it. I felt his cock tap against my ass but he took his time rubbing my back, shoulders, and ass with the gel. When he was satisfied with my back he moved closer and his hands went around to my chest and gave it the same treatment he’d given the other side, stopping to pinch my nipples.

You like that?” he whispered when I let out a low moan.

He didn’t wait for me to respond before he was sliding his hands from my nipples down my stomach until he had my hard cock in his soapy hand.

Fuck,” I groaned.

He held it firm as he pressed his naked body against me under the shower spray, his hard shaft sliding between my ass cheeks.

Still good?” he asked in my ear.


Still pressed against me, he reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube. I groaned, and not in a good way, when he let go of my cock to pour lube on that hand.

Shh,” he whispered.

His left hand went back to my dick and started stroking. It felt so good I was scared I’d cum all over the tiles before he got inside me. I jumped a little when I felt the fingers of his other hand rubbing around the bud of my asshole.

Try not to tense up, Ry.”

I forced myself to relax as he slid one lubed finger inside me and held still. When he knew I was okay, he started moving it in and out of my asshole, all the while slowly stroking my dick. He did this for a couple of minutes before easing the digit out and adding another one and pushing them both inside me. I tensed for a second then relaxed because I knew he’d take care of me.

That’s it, Ryan,” he whispered in my neck, his hot breath giving me chills in the hot shower. “I’m going to loosen you up, get you ready for my dick. If at any time you want me to stop, say the word, even if I’m already inside you.”

I nodded.

Say the words, son.”

I promise if it gets to be too much, I’ll ask you to stop, even if you’re inside me. But for the record, I want you to get on with it already before I shoot my load all over the tiles.”

Patience, son.”

He took forever fucking my asshole with his two fingers, spreading them every so often to stretch the narrow hole. About the time I was wondering what the big deal was about anal sex, he curved his fingers and touched something in my body that had me howling from the pleasure of it. He chuckled, his fingers rubbing across that part inside my body. I had to lean against the wall to keep my legs from collapsing.

What the hell is that?” I gasped as he continued to pleasure me.

Your sweet spot, better known as your prostate.”

Holy shit, no wonder guys like this stuff.”

I felt him chuckle again as my entire body blew up into one big sensation. It was too much yet it wasn’t enough.

I’m going to add a third finger now, Ry,” he said into my neck. “It’s going to burn. Just try to relax and try not to tense. If you can’t handle my fingers, there’s no way you’ll be able to handle my dick.”

I nodded and waited as he eased the two fingers out and came back in with three and started slowly fucking my ass with them, again spreading them slightly to stretch my hole. As expected, I tensed at the burn. It was just uncomfortable enough for my cock to go down some in his hand. I’m not going to lie. I almost put an end to it all right there. The only thing that stopped me was knowing I’d likely not get another chance, at least not with him. I trusted, trust, my father more than anybody on the planet. I knew he’d take care of me. It was that thought that kept me going. As he moved the fingers in and out, the pain started to ease a little, leaving me with the feeling of being full. It felt more uncomfortable than anything else.

Do you think you can handle me now, Ry?”

I nodded, not sure if I could or not.

Words, Ryan.”

Yes, I think I can handle you now.”

Good boy.”

He slowly pulled his fingers out at the same time he let go of my dick. With one hand on my hip, I felt the other one guide the head of his wet cock to the entrance of my narrow hole. I felt as he snapped his hips a little, forcing the head inside.

Damn, fuck, ow, Dad.”

Shh, try to relax.”

He kept pushing with his lower body, his dick slowly making its way inside my asshole, one thick inch at a time. Only when he was fully seated and I felt his balls pressed against my ass did I attempt to relax and stop tensing.

Deep breaths, Ry. You’re doing so well. I’m so proud of you.”

He continued saying nice things and throwing out sweet compliments until my body slowly accepted him and the pain was more minimal than not.

That’s it, my sweet boy,” he cooed in my ear.

I could feel him straining as he tried not to move, but I knew he wouldn’t do anything until I gave him the go-ahead. I could feel him panting in my ear, obviously eager to get the show on the road already, but he never pushed.

Move, Dad. Just go slow at first.”

I still didn’t even think I’d enjoy it, but we were this far in (quite literally, I might add) and I wasn’t stopping until both of us came. With his hands on my hips, he moved his lower body, taking his dick in and out of my asshole in slow strokes.

Faster. I’m okay,” I assured him.

I want you doing better than okay, Ryan.”

He did start moving faster, his dick sliding almost out of me before he was pushing back in all the way. It started feeling good to me, but I started seeing stars when he changed his angle and hit the sweet spot again.

Fuck. There,” I gasped.

Staying at that angle, he somehow managed to hit that spot consistently with his dick, giving me pleasure unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I said over and over. “So good.”

He was groaning and grunting with each jab of his cock inside my asshole. I felt his hot breath on my neck, his fingers digging into my hips. My dick was so hard I was ready to explode. When it did happen, it happened without me or him even touching it. My orgasm hit so hard, so quick, I wasn’t prepared for it. I erupted all over the shower floor, my sperm being washed away with the water of the shower. I yelled so loud I’m shocked it didn’t echo off the tiles.

That’s it, Ry,” he grunted as he sped up, his fingers still digging into my flesh, holding me up. “So tight, so good. Fuck!” he yelled as he jerked me hard against him. I could feel the head of his dick get bigger right before he came. He jerked several times as he shot stream after stream of his cum inside my narrow asshole. He held me still until the aftershocks for both of us went away.

Holy shit,” I mumbled sometime later.

He laughed and slowly eased out of my well-used hole. I glanced over at a shelf when I felt his ejaculate coming out of my ass. The condom was still sitting where he left it before.

Maybe we need to have a talk about unprotected sex,” I said to him with a tired laugh.

He started howling in laughter.

Perhaps we should, son. Perhaps we should.”





Zoey’s Secret (Punished by, #3) – Coming Soon!

Book Cover: Zoey's Secret (Punished by, #3) - Coming Soon!
Part of the Punished By Daddy series:

Coming soon!

Zoey and Aiden aren't mine biologically, but I played a huge part in raising them. They were staying with me for a summer when I discovered some things about Zoey that she would've preferred stayed secret. Her brother somehow also knew what she was trying to hide. This had Aiden and me looking at the girl in ways we never should have been.

I had been on and off with Aiden and Zoey's mother for decades. High school sweethearts, I guess we always knew we'd come back together someday. Neither of us believed in monogamy, but that didn't take away from the love we felt for each other.

Had Katie and I been living together that summer, what happened with her daughter never would have happened. But once the plan got put into motion it became all Aiden and I could think about. We knew the only way to punish the girl was to take matters into our own hands. Once the idea sparked, it became an obsession. We knew going in that it could backfire. She could either fall willingly into our plan or run off kicking and screaming to the authorities. I only wanted to scare the girl enough for her to walk away from her secret life. Getting her naked in my bed would be a big bonus.

Would she follow along with our warped plan? Or would she go public and ruin everything I'd worked for my entire life?

Zoey's Secret (Punished by Daddy, #3) is an erotic story that may offend or trigger some readers. There's group sex, gay sex, bisexual sex, rough sex, dubious consent sex, and sexual situations between one couple that some might find disturbing.

If in doubt, don't download this book!


Iris – Coming Soon!

Book Cover: Iris - Coming Soon!

Coming soon!

Iris Bailey and Brady Beckett have been a couple since high school. Iris has always been faithful. Brady doesn't know what the word means. She's loyal and kind. he's never been loyal or kind a day in his life. Now engaged, Iris is feeling trapped, wanting to call off the engagement but not knowing how.

It's taken out of her hands by Brady's father, Jase.

Jase never set out to hurt Iris, but she has a right to know what her future husband is up to when she's not around. Jase just wants to comfort the girl. He never set out to kiss her. He definitely didn't plan on doing more.

Brady's not going to give up his fun just because he's getting married. In addition to having angry sex with the sister of his fiancee, roughly taking the innocence of his office assistant, and hooking up with an older woman he shouldn't even be around, he's having the time of his life.

Nobody will get hurt unless somebody tells his future bride.

What Brady doesn't expect is for that somebody to be his own father.

Iris has a little bit of everything, a lot of which could trigger some readers. Please read the list of warnings inside the book or contact the author directly at kelsykasey@gmail.com for more information.

If in doubt, do not download this book!

Wanting Misty (Taboo Lovers Erotica)

I wanted my son’s girlfriend the first time I laid eyes on her. Alex’s first time had been with my wife, so I didn't care much how he’d feel about me getting naked with his girl. I couldn’t even stay mad at him. He was an eighteen-year-old kid who merely took what was offered.

My stepson Joel needed his own sexual awakening, and I was only too happy to help him with that. What I didn't expect was for Alex to be on board with our little plan. Not only was he okay with us being with his girlfriend, but he also wanted to be there when it happened, as long as he could participate in our little party. Throw in a little bit of alcohol, and a nice drive out in the woods, and we had the night of a lifetime. What we didn't anticipate was what happened a few months later.

Wanting Misty is not for everybody. There’s gay sex, bisexual sex, straight sex, group sex, and some sexual situations that might trigger or be offensive to some readers. If this isn’t quite your shot of Tequila, I recommend taking a pass on this story. If in doubt, don’t download it.

Ryan’s Secret Lovers (Taboo Lovers Erotica)

A virgin at eighteen, I thought I was the luckiest guy on the planet when somebody started sneaking into my bedroom in the dead of night and giving me some naughty attention. I played the game, pretending to be asleep until the one night I couldn't. Even then, I was blindfolded and given pleasure unlike anything I'd ever imagined.

I later learned that my secret lover was not only not who I thought it was, but it was somebody who never should’ve been touching me, much less doing more. But what could I do? I was a horny teenager who got hard if the wind blew. What I didn't know was that my body was being used for something I never would have agreed to had I been thinking with my other head. Only after I inadvertently crawled into the bed of the wrong girl did I learn the truth. Things took an even stranger turn when somebody else got in on the naked action, somebody more forbidden than the others. It wasn't meant to happen, but after a night of partying with my dad, there was no way I was going to say no - not when it was feeling so good.

Follow Ryan's journey as he has a sexual awakening unlike any other. While his partners would never be considered conventional or even accepted by most, there's a lot of pleasure given and received by all.

Ryan's Secret Lovers is not for everybody. Ryan hooks up with both males and females that might make some readers uncomfortable. Some of the sexual situations could possibly trigger or offend some readers. If any type of taboo situation isn’t quite your shot of Tequila, I highly recommend taking a pass on this story.

Morgan’s Family Secrets

Morgan was a typical college student. She was close to her parents and brothers and had always been somewhat of a good girl. The good girl image disappeared when the owner of a strip club approached her during her freshman year. At eighteen, she was too young to work in his establishment, but he liked what he saw and was willing to take his chances. Going by the stage name Skye, Morgan quickly became popular with the customers and had no problem getting naked with them outside of the club if the price was right.

A year later she's hired for a private date by a mystery man. When she arrives at his hotel room, she gets the shock of her young life when that mystery man turns out to be her father. After being assured that she isn't in trouble, Morgan gets to see her daddy in a whole new light. After getting a taste of his baby girl, he knows she'll be the perfect woman to take the virginity of her younger twin brothers. Getting naked with her dad is one thing, but her little brothers? When their mother makes a surprise visit in the middle of it, Morgan and the twins learn some things about their family that shocks them to the core.

Morgan's Family Secrets is incest erotica. There are sexual situations between parents and their biological children, as well as sexual situations between biological siblings. If you're turned off or offended by this in any way, don't download this book.


“I’ll stop, Daddy. I promise,” I said as I grabbed my handbag and turned back to the door, eager to get away. “I’m sorry I let you guys down.”

Instead of allowing me to open the door, he blocked it and reached out and took my handbag and tossed it back on the table.


“Take off your coat, Morgan.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said with a small laugh.

“Why not?”

“Dad, please. I’m already embarrassed enough.”


“I said take off your coat. Now.”

“I’m not exactly dressed appropriately for a conversation with my father.”

“Now,” he repeated.


“Just do it, Morgan.”

With shaky fingers I untied the belt, allowing the coat to open a couple of inches. When I looked at my dad, he motioned for me to continue. I’d never been so embarrassed in my life. Finally, I opened it all the way and allowed it to fall to the floor, leaving me standing there in my mile-high boots, short leather skirt, and leather top that was open halfway down my chest. I heard an intake of breath when he saw me in what I called my ‘hooker’ clothes for the first time.

“Can I put it back on now?” I asked as I crossed my arms to try to cover my breasts.

“No, you can’t,” he said, his eyes on my tits. “You definitely can’t put it back on.”


“Move your hands.”

Still embarrassed, I uncrossed my arms and put them straight down my sides, trying desperately not to watch my father’s reaction to what he was seeing. Instead of acting disgusted by what his daughter was wearing, he groaned and adjusted himself. I was shocked to the core when he reached out and rubbed the back of his knuckles against my nipples through the leather of my top. My body betrayed me when they got hard at his touch.

“Such a beautiful, sexy young woman,” he whispered as he continued to rub his knuckles back and forth over my nipples. “So damn sexy.”

One of his hands moved to the zipper on my top and held still for a few seconds before slowly unzipping it all the way down. I jumped a little when he opened it all the way, allowing my boobs to fall free. He leaned down and placed his mouth on one and slowly sucked the nipple.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, shocked not just by the fact that my own dad was sucking me but by my reaction. I’d always had sensitive nipples, but this was something altogether different. He sucked it harder, the sensation going straight to my now soaking wet pussy. One of his hands slid up my stomach to the other boob and started massaging before he moved over and gave that nipple the same attention he’d given the other one.

“My baby girl,” I heard him moan around it. “So responsive to your daddy’s touch.”

I admit in that moment I was willing to spread my legs and beg him to take me. I was so damn horny just from what he was doing to my tits that I didn’t care that it was my father doing it. I wanted to get fucked so bad I was on the verge of begging.


Giving It To His Mother

I started lusting after my best friend's mom when I was too young to even be thinking about sex. I couldn't help it really. The first time I met the woman she was in a wet string bikini that showed a lot more than it should have. As the years went by her teasing got bolder. From rubbing up against me, to even taking my hands and putting them on her body, she knew I was dying to get inside her. I wasn't the only one she teased. She also did it to her own son and any other male she was around. If she could get a reaction she played the game.

She always got a reaction.

Things changed on my eighteenth birthday when my best friend's mother turned her attention to my father. She got off on knowing that she, not his wife of two decades, was the cause of the erection he was trying to hide. Angry, her son and I devised a plan to get her back for trying to destroy my parents' marriage. The problem with that plan? It wasn't exactly legal. That didn't stop us from putting it in action. I just knew that before the night was over I'd be giving it to my best friend's mother, whether she asked for it or not.

Giving It To His Mother is an erotic short story with scenarios that may offend or trigger some readers.


She Didn’t Know It Was Her Daddy

I'm not proud of what I did but I can't say I'm ashamed either. Far from it, actually. I started noticing her in a different way when she was still pretty young. I wasn't stupid. I never would've gone near her but I admit that it did have me eager to see how she'd look a few years later. It was just curiosity, you see. I never planned on actually going near the girl. It's not like I fantasized about her before she turned eighteen. I had my share of sex partners and never had a problem finding one. Things just happened. Wrong or right, when the opportunity presented itself I allowed myself to follow through. My little head was doing all my thinking for me at the time, but again, no regrets.

Did she know it was me or did she really believe I was a stranger? And was she secretly hoping all along that I'd be the one to take her innocence?

She Didn't Know It Was Her Daddy is an erotic short story with scenarios that may offend or trigger some readers.


Doing Daddy’s Girl

I didn't even want the girl. I only pursued her because I knew my father wanted to be her first. An eighteen-year-old virgin, Lindsey knew how to play the game. Jealous of her mother, she started teasing my dad and doing everything she could to pull his attention away from his new bride.

I had other reasons for wanting to take Lindsey's innocence before my dad could. Over the years, my father got off on seeing how many of my dates he could get into his bed. It was only fitting that I take away the one thing he wanted most - his new stepdaughter. Well, the two things he wanted most. Not only did he warn me away from the girl, he also warned me away from my new stepmother, Nina. Ah, Nina. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. I may not have really wanted the girl, but I damn sure wanted the mother. Could I possibly have them both? Or would my father foil my plans before I could have either one?

Doing Daddy's Girl has sexual situations that may make some readers uncomfortable. If in doubt, don't download this book.

15,940 words.

This title has been blocked on Amazon. It's only available at Smashwords at this time.


I didn't even want the girl. I only pursued her because I knew my father wanted to be her first. An eighteen-year-old virgin, Lindsey knew how to play the game. Naive and horny, he fell right into it. All I cared about was getting back at my dad for hooking up with some of my dates in the past. What better way to do it than to take my stepsister's innocence before he could?

Teasing Her Daddy (Punished by, #2)

I admit to being a difficult teenager, but that didn't give my father the right to embarrass my date and me. It's not like we'd parked in a well-lit area or anything. We were practically in the dark! That didn't stop my dad from pounding on the window and shining a bright flashlight into the backseat at the worst possible time. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing. He purposely waited until we were getting busy so he could scare the guy away from me.

Dad had always been strict, but he'd never acted the way he did that night. It's like he was jealous, which made no sense at all. He was my father!

To punish me for lifting my dress for my date, he grounded me for a week. I know, right? Who grounds an eighteen-year-old? Angry, I locked myself in my bedroom, cursing my father worse than I ever had before. A few minutes later I discovered something about my dad that made my week of being stuck at home interesting.

Maybe being punished by my daddy wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Teasing Her Daddy has sexual situations that may make some readers uncomfortable. If in doubt, don't download this book.

Only available at Smashwords at this time.